Announcing ACMP Midwest Chapter

In A Nutshell
  • ACMP Chicagoland Chapter is changing its name to ACMP Midwest
  • Change leaders throughout the region will continue to benefit from opportunities to connect, learn and strengthen their ability to drive and sustain change
  • A series of Webinars and in-person events are scheduled for the rest of 2015
  • All chapter e-mail addresses are now (changed from
  • For more information, e-mail

Since 2013, the Chicagoland Chapter of the Association for Change Management Professionals (ACMP) has been on a mission to increase the impact and awareness of change management throughout Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana.

We’ve met a lot of amazing people on that journey. Hundreds of attendees and volunteers have brought a series of in-person workshops, free Webinars, informal networking opportunities and more to life. Problem is, these new friends and colleagues haven’t always been from our three-state area. In fact, if you look at the membership list for ACMP “Chicagoland”, you’ll see people from Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and more.

We’ve continually heard from change leaders throughout the Midwest that there are more. There are people out there who want to be involved, but are hesitant to join a chapter named “Chicagoland”, because they have no connection to Chicago (even if it is the closest chapter to their home).

It’s time to embrace our diversity. Bringing people together has always been the centerpiece of our strategy, and as far as we’re concerned … the more, the merrier. So, in that spirit, we are excited to announce that ACMP Chicagoland has officially changed its name to ACMP Midwest, effective immediately.

The goals are the same:
  • Provide members with opportunities to connect, learn and strengthen their ability to drive and sustain change
  • Create an open and inclusive community of practice for change leaders
  • Increase collaboration and teamwork within that community
  • Have FUN learning from each other

With over 700 change leaders in our community, and a full schedule of events for the rest of 2015 (including Midwest Change Connect, a full-day regional conference on October 14), we are excited to grow to new heights. There are plenty of ways to learn more and to get involved. Visit us at, e-mail us at, or check out one of our upcoming events on the right side of this page.

Please note, the name change is now also reflected in our web site and e-mail addresses:


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