Daryl Conner to Keynote ACMP Midwest Change Connect


We’re excited to announce Daryl Conner as the keynote speaker for the first annual ACMP Midwest Change CONNECT. Daryl is a well-recognized leader in business and change Management who will kick off the one-day event with a discussion on how authenticity is an important differentiator for change management professionals. Register for Midwest Change Connect now!

We are also offering an exclusive opportunity for ACMP Midwest Chapter Members to apply for participation in a two-day seminar in Chicago with Daryl called Raising Your Game.

Raising Your Game

  • Are you at a point in your career where you believe advancing professional capabilities is more about diving deeper into who you are than it is about learning how to use yet another set of concepts or techniques?
  • Ready to shift from knowledge to wisdom as the base of value you provide?
  • Ready to shift from doing to being as your center of gravity?

This event is limited to 20 individuals to keep the group intimate. Interested members will be carefully reviewed before asking to participate. Seasoned change practitioners are asked to visit the event details page to learn more about the event, application process and cost.


Daryl Conner is co-founder and chairman of Conner Academy (a professional development firm supporting change practitioners exploring who they are as a means for advancing their capabilities) and Conner Partners (a consulting firm specializing in strategy execution). During his 40 years of practice, he has partnered with, educated and coached strategic leaders and seasoned change agents in many of the world’s most successful organizations, helping them understand the challenges and opportunities they face during transformational change.

Authenticity: The Secret Sauce for High Impact Practitioners
As change practitioners, our effectiveness with clients, peers and bosses is ultimately determined by how they perceive our work and one of the ways we are ranked is based on the value they receive when critical issues and crucial initiatives are in play. This talk will address a number of attributes that sets “high impact” practitioners apart from the others but Daryl will be focusing on what has proven to be the most important differentiator–Authenticity. Read more…





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