Webinar: The Mentalist at Work!- Subconscious Behavior Observation for Mind Reading

February 7, 2018 From 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

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The Mentalist at Work!- Subconscious Behavior Observation for Mind Reading

This workshop will help you bring the subconscious into the conscious mind for improved communication and motivation of your teams and collaborators. When implementing change, it is critical to cover all three types of decision-makers to ensure buy in and participation from everyone. The problem is, as humans, we typically leave out one or two types based on our own habits and preferences.

You can learn how to observe an individual’s thought process and decision-making style based on the nonverbal signals they give off to you. For anyone in face to face meetings to implement change, this is a key skill to acquire. You need to come in as an expert and gain trust quickly; you must engage your audience and motivate them to take the desired action; you need to reduce stress and tension, and you need to sustain action as long as necessary for implementation. This is a tall order requiring every tool in the kit!

There will be actionable steps learned and valuable content shared. Video will be utilized to illustrate the nonverbal behavior components.

Speaker: Alison Henderson, founder and lead consultant at Moving Image Consulting
Alison Henderson is an author and leader in the field of subconscious behavior observation called Movement Pattern Analysis.  As founder and lead consultant at Moving Image Consulting, she coaches her clients to better understand the decision making process and how to observe individual preferences through nonverbal behavior. In her interactive MindMoves workshops, teams practice communicating to the three types of decision-makers to motivate effectively and improve communication efficiency. She has introduced this work to a variety of corporations in Chicago ranging from PwC to Merrill Lynch to officers of the Military Entrance Processing Command. Read about the fundamentals behind Alison’s work in her book, “Reducing the Drama in Business Relationships” available on Amazon.com.  Learn more at www.movingimageconsulting.com.

Learning and Skill Objectives:

  1. Learning the three stages of decision-making
  2. Understanding the “character” which results from each stage
  3. Ways to motivate and communicate more efficiently to each type of decision-maker

Intended Audience:
The audience for this webinar is all change management professionals who are on the “front lines” implementing change initiatives. All can learn from it, but it will be geared toward the roll out of change rather than the assessment for what change is needed.

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