Keynote Speaker: Brad Montgomery

Don’t Just Survive Change. Thrive with Change!

What would it mean to your organization if your people stopped fighting Change and instead Craved it? Yeah. We know. It would be huge.

Motivational speaker Brad Montgomery is a very funny fellow with some very deep thoughts about change management.

Like you, he understands that the real problems behind change are fear and uncertainty. Your people don’t like change because “Doing things the way we used to do them” is more comfortable than learning the new systems, processes and thought-patterns necessary for success and long-term sustainability.

Brad let’s them know he understands that their difficulties are real. Yes! Change is hard! Yes! It’s annoying and difficult. Yes! Change is stressful.

First, Brad believes that when we stay stagnant we lower our long-term happiness. Yup, it’s comfortable continue the same way, but it’s not great for our long-term personal wellness-of-being. It doesn’t make us happy, lack of change makes us unhappy.

Change is tough. Change is challenging. And change requires effort. But in the end, it’s this very effort that helps improve our own attitudes. Change actually makes us better.

Second, Brad believes that we all need to be reminded the PURPOSE behind change: it’s to improve ourselves, our organizations, and our place within our industry. It’s impossible to be an industry leader without continual change and adaptation.

And again, when an “outsider” reminds you people of this very simple truth, the “ah-ha’s” are genuine.