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The Change Management Resource Library aims to provide our members with the most complete and recognized resource for articles, white papers, presentations and other resources from change management initiatives and projects.

White Papers

White Papers are submitted by members from around the world. Topic could include, but are not limited to, Methods and Tools, Analysis and Industry Trends.


ACMP Global Conference presentations represent a variety of topics and best practices in change management. Below you will find the presentations from the 2012 ACMP Global Conference. These presentations have been provided exclusively for ACMP members for viewing and educational purposes. Please do not distribute these presentations without the permission of ACMP. We want to continue to provide this valuable resource as a benefit to our members.

Change Practitioner Registration

As ACMP continues to expand awareness and promote the practice and profession of change management, we are pleased to offer the ACMP Change Management Practitioner Registry. The registry will enable those seeking change management services the ability to locate and contact change management practitioners by geography and/or industry.

Standards and Certification

The ACMP Standard for Change Management is the collection of generally accepted practices in change management. Released in September 2014, the Standard is one of the foundational pillars in establishing and advancing the change management profession.

Career Center

Whether you are an employer interested in posting a job opportunity or an ACMP member interested in exploring new career options, the Career Center is the place for candidates and employing organizations to meet.

Past Newsletters

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