2018 Preliminary Agenda

Keynote Brad Montgomery

Don’t Just Survive Change. Thrive with Change! What would it mean to your organization if your people stopped fighting Change and instead Craved it? Yeah. We know. It would be huge. Motivational speaker Brad Montgomery is a very funny fellow with some very deep thoughts about change management.

Like you, he understands that the real problems behind change are fear and uncertainty. Your people don’t like change because “Doing things the way we used to do them” is more comfortable than learning the new systems, processes and thought-patterns necessary for success and long-term sustainability.

Brad let’s them know he understands that their difficulties are real. Yes! Change is hard! Yes! It’s annoying and difficult. Yes! Change is stressful.

The Digital Future of Change Management | Brian Hampton and Brad Tandet, ChangeNerd and Performance Food Group

Using the Three Legged Stool to Avoid the Fall | Andrew Barnitz, Ulta

Break Out of Your Cultural Comfort Zone to Communicate Globally | Annalisa Nash Fernandez, Domain America

The Theatrics of Change Management | Carly Flapper, Cushman and Wakefield

Measuring and Growing Change Leadership Capability | Robert Herling and Laura Wagner, American Family Insurance

Stop the Madness: Identify, Manage, and Overcome Change Fatigue | Christie Lindor, Tessi Media/EY

Taking Change Leadership Networks to the Next Level | Andy Tracy, HCSC

The Science of Change Management: Balancing the Art with Neuroscience | Alex Yates and Peter Talmer, Slalom

The Change Management Crutch | Brian Kedzior and Keith Bechtol, Walgreens

Using the Power of Culture to Accelerate Change Management Success | Donna Brighton, Brighton Leadership Group

Are They Resisting Or Are You Not Leading? Uncover Your Blindspots | Barbara Trautlein, Change Catalysts

The Evolution of Change in and Era of Digital Transformation | Nick Pineda and Molly Fried, TiER1 Performance

Realizing True Change Through Capability Development | Mike Hughes with Industry Panel

Building Skills for the Future: A Business Imperative | Stephen Buchman and Paul O’Keeffe, Accenture

How to Create a Cultural Movement | Chris Williams and Meredith Belman, Root

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

University of Chicago Gleacher Center


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