2017 Midwest Change CONNECT

The Leading Edge of Change

Val Wright

How to Accelerate Change by Creating Thoughtfully Ruthless® Leaders

It is easy to remember a thoughtful leader, yet a ruthless leader may leave a greater lasting impression. The key to phenomenal success is being Thoughtfully Ruthless® with your time, your energy, and your resources, in parallel. Join Val Wright to hear thought-provoking insights, practical exercises, and best practices from her global clients including Starbucks, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and the Financial Times.

You will learn:

  • Techniques that will catapult the profit of your company or client by creating
    Thoughtfully Ruthless® leaders.
  • Why incessantly focusing on the right spot is crucial for continued success.
  • How to increase the probability that you will create dramatic results and have magnetic
    followership appear all around you with your Influence Bullseye.
  • Why it isn’t enough to be brilliant, you have to be brilliant at demonstrating your
    brilliance, because if this humble Brit can become shameless, anyone can!

VAL WRIGHT is one of only 64 experts inducted into Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame. She is an internationally acclaimed innovation expert, named as one of the top 50 resources for Chief Operating Officers by Clicksoftware. The global clients who have requested her help include Starbucks, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Financial Times, and DreamWorks Animation. Val’s corporate experience includes tenures during dramatic growth periods at Amazon, BMW, Microsoft, Harrods, Marconi, and Sema Group.

Val participated on the small team that created the fastest selling device of all time, Kinect for Xbox, which won a Guinness book of world record selling over 20 million devices. This contributed to the turnaround of Microsoft’s Entertainment business from a billion-dollar loss to a multimillion-dollar profit machine.

Her unique approach, which she has trademarked as Thoughtfully RuthlessTM, has produced typical clients results of market domination in extraordinarily short timeframes along with compassionate truth telling, fearlessness, and extensive creative, technical, and leadership gains.

Val’s forthcoming books include: Thoughtfully Ruthless: The Key to Exponential Growth, (Wiley, May 2016) and Innovation Trifecta: How to Catapult Innovation by Creating a Symbiotic Relationship Between Creative Business and Technical Teams. She is a regular contributor on CNBC, Inc. Magazine, Business Insider, Fast Company, Bloomberg, Reuters, LA Times, MSN, and Today.

Originally from England, Val now lives in California with her twin five year olds and seven year old daughters and husband.

Pamela Meyer, Ph.D.

Making the Agility Shift: Creating Agile Leaders, Teams and Organizations

Most of us know that we cannot expect people or organizations to be effective using ways of thinking and working designed for another era. Success today depends on our ability to learn and adapt in the midst of change. It depends on shifting both our mindset and organizational practices. Pamela Meyer will help you make this agility shift in her high-content, high engagement keynote. In this dynamic session, Pamela draws on her years of experience helping teams and organizations become more agile and innovative. Not only will you learn how organizations are thriving in the midst of uncertainty and change through inspiring examples, you will leave with ideas you can use right away to start making your own agility shift. In addition, you will discover:

  • how to improve your capacity to respond to unexpected and unplanned
    challenges and opportunities using available resources
  • the six dynamics of the agility shift to boost performance and engagement
  • how becoming more agile will improve your bottom line and sustain your

This keynote is based on themes and best practices from Pamela’s new book, The
Agility Shift: Creating Agile Leaders, Teams and Organizations (Bibliomotion) available
in October of 2015. Pamela will be happy to sign copies of the book at the conclusion of
her keynote.

PAMELA MEYER, Ph.D. is a premier Innovation Catalyst for business leaders who recognize they urgently need to shift their way of thinking and doing business to sustain their relevance and competitiveness in a rapidly changing market. Through her in-depth research and expertise in understanding how adults learn to innovate and improvise, along with two decades of working with Fortune 500 to Fortune 50 companies Meyer helps business leaders implement best practices to drive results. Pamela Meyer recognizes that agility is a non-negotiable competence of our time. With proven strategies, she shows organizations how to make the agility shift to respond to and seize new opportunities presented by the unexpected and unplanned.

Pamela is the author of four books on innovation, learning and change, including, The Agility Shift: Creating Agile and Effective Leaders, Teams and Organizations (Bibliomotion, 2015). : Permission: A Guide to Generating More Ideas, Being More of Yourself and Having More Fun at Work (Playspace Press, 2011), From Workplace to Playspace: Innovating, Learning and Changing Through Dynamic Engagement (Jossey-Bass, 2010) and Quantum Creativity: Nine Principles to Transform the Way You Work (McGraw, 2000), and has contributed chapters to edited books on learning and development, as well as numerous articles and papers.

Pamela received her doctorate in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University and holds Master of Arts degrees from Antioch University and Fielding Graduate University, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Boston University’s School for Theatre Arts. In addition to her work with organizations, She teaches courses in business creativity, organizational change and adult learning at DePaul University, where she has served as Director of the Center to Advance Education for Adults for the past 10 years.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

University of Chicago Gleacher Center


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