What is a Change-Up?

On February 18, ACMP Midwest will launch a new way to bring change leaders together with its first-ever Change Up, to be held from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. at Potter’s at the Palmer House Hilton (124 S Wabash Ave., Chicago, IL).

Simply put, a Change-Up brings change leaders together to talk about what we do every day. No formal presentation. No job fair or sales pressure. Just a relaxed night, in a great location, with some drinks, some food, and a lot of smart people discussing today’s hot topics in change management and people engagement.

Don’t have a specific topic on your mind? That’s ok. “Discussion Starter” cards will be available to help you break the ice. Other people will have topics you can probably help with too, so bring that beautiful mind of yours.

Stay for 30 minutes. Stay for the full three hours … whatever makes sense for you. And bring your friends, even if they aren’t an ACMP member. Change-Ups are a great way for EVERYONE to meet other professionals, learn more about change management or get an introduction to ACMP.

Register today … it’s FREE. Then, send this to anyone you think might be interested in an entertaining, easy-going night of great discussion and networking. See you there!

(A special thank you to Abreon, who agreed to sponsor our first Change-Up of the year. For more info on Abreon, visit them at www.abreon.com. If you’re interested in exploring sponsorship opportunities with ACMP Midwest, visit our Sponsor page)


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