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2023 Board of Directors Elections

ACMP Midwest is looking for leaders who are passionate about change to join our Board of Directors!

Open Positions for the term commencing June 1, 2023 ending May 31, 2025.

Click here to apply to be a Board of Directors Candidate

Learning and Professional Development: The main responsibility of the Director of Learning and Professional Development (L&PD) is to drive forward identification, sourcing, and execution of learning and professional development events that provide value to our members and community through leading L&PD volunteers and relevant partnerships.  This is accomplished by assessing member needs, evaluating existing relationships, engaging with—or sourcing and adding as needed—team members, and bringing on new programs that provide the critical skills needed to lead and support change. Click for more detail.

Director of Marketing and Communications: This role provides leadership in Chapter Communications and Marketing in accordance with the needs and goals of the Chapter and in fulfillment of its mission. The main responsibility of the Director of Communications and Marketing is to direct and manage internal and external communications. Click for more detail.

Director of Strategic Relationships: The main responsibility of the Director of Strategic Relationships is to develop and manage strategic relationships with sponsors, membership, corporations, and peer associations across all three states (WI, IL IN) in furthering the purpose and outcomes of the Chapter.  This role is the primary driver to ensure the Chapter achieves both monetary targets and non-monetary partnerships to appropriately fund the Chapter.  Click for more detail.

Director of Operations: This role provides leadership over Chapter Operations by managing chapter technology, providing oversight of chapter process documentation, and delivering on chapter event execution. The key responsibility of the Director of Operations is to manage the implementation of business guidelines and technologies to ensure smooth operations for and alignment of chapter board members and volunteers. This role also holds the responsibility of sourcing, managing, and executing the logistics required for planned events to ensure high quality program experiences for members, prospective members, and speakers, while balancing costs/revenues. Click for more detail.


To be eligible for an ACMP MW Board role candidates must:

    • Be a member in good standing with ACMP Global and be primarily affiliated with the Midwest Chapter. 
    • Be a resident of United States within our chapter geographic territory (WI, IL, IN) and over the age of 21. 
    • Have been an ACMP member for at least 12 months (1 consecutive year) by the start of the Director’s term (June 1, 2023).
    • Not be in a conflict-of-interest position with respect to ACMP Global and the Chapter. 
    • Not be part of an undischarged bankruptcy or have committed offences related to fraud. 

Time Commitment

Prior to completing your application, please consider whether you can offer the time and working pattern that will be required to fulfill the role:

  • Attend four face-to-face meetings per year, typically for 5 hours per meeting.  These meetings are set on the calendar a minimum of 6 months in advance.
  • Attend virtual one-hour meetings during months that do not have a face-to-face meeting.
  • Plan for approximately five (5) hours per week for online meetings, material development and review, etc. This includes preparation for BoD meetings, fulfillment of standard BoD duties, and preparation for and participation in Committee meetings for which the BoD Member is the committee lead.
  • Attend various in-person and virtual events as a representative of the Chapter and the Board. Executive Board members have twelve (12) virtual meetings per year in addition to the full board meetings.  (The Secretary and Treasurer are Executive Board members.)

Click here to apply to be a Board of Directors Candidate

Key Dates

    • March 8-21    Members will be able to formally express interest during the “Call for Candidates”
    • April 4-17       Elections will be held.
    • Late April        Candidates will be notified of election results
    • May                Outgoing Directors will begin orientation and transition for new Directors
    • June 1            Newly elected Board members begin their two-year term

ACMP Midwest is a 501(c)(6) organization

Email: membership@ACMPmidwest.org
332 South Michigan Avenue, Suite 1032-A42
Chicago, Illinois 60604-4434

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