February 10, 2020 – February 24, 2020

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Thank you for your interest in joining the Association of Change Management Professionals Midwest Chapter (ACMP MW) Board of Directors. Our Mission is to engage, grow, and empower a thriving Midwest community of change professionals, champions, and allies.

We are looking for candidates who can demonstrate the Chapter Values:

  • Passion: a strong desire for thought change
  • Innovation: look for new and improved ways to perform our work through creativity and by challenging the status quo
  • Inclusivity: welcome others to connect and collaborate for personal and professional growth. It’s how we show up, it’s evident in our commitment to each other and our community
  • Excellence: the benchmark for other associations

ACMP MW Board Member expectations are no different than those outlined by ACMP Global. ACMP MW Board Member are expected to:

  • Show up: Board Members are expected to meet their commitments as outlined in the role description. This may mean re-arranging business or personal appointments.
  • Care: As ACMP MW is a non-profit with a distinctive Vision and Mission, caring about why we exist and evidencing that in your relationships with others is essential.
  • Team Player: In a volunteer dependent organization, a Board Member is expected to achieve a high standard in collaborating with and supporting fellow Board Members and ACMP MW volunteers.
  • Follow Through: ACMP MW is a relatively young organization and does not have copious resources at its disposal. The willingness and availability of Board Members to carry out and complete tangible pieces of work is critical, and some of this may be more operational than strategic in nature. We follow through on initiatives agreed by the Board.
  • Positive Attitude: ACMP MW needs Board Members who can set a tone of positivity and ‘can do’ attitude, who are courteous, generous, and warm to our volunteers and staff.
  • Do the Right Thing: The willingness to make a fundamental call on right and wrong, even if this conflicts with other interests.

To be eligible for an ACMP MW Board role you must:

  • Be members in good standing with ACMP Global and affiliated with the Midwest Chapter.
  • Be a resident of United States within our chapter geographic territory (WI, IL, IN) and over the age of 21.
  • Have been an ACMP member for at least 12 months (1 consecutive year) by the time of the start of the term (June 1, 2020) for which the Director is nominated.
  • Not be in a conflict of interest position with respect to ACMP Global and the Chapter.
  • Not be part of an undischarged bankruptcy or have committed offences related to fraud.

Time Commitment

Prior to completing your application, please consider whether you can offer the time and working pattern that will be required to fulfill the role:

  • Meet face-to-face five (5) or more times per year, typically for 5 hours per meeting. These meetings are set on the calendar a minimum of 6 months in advance.
  • Meet virtually for one hour during months that do not have a face-to-face meeting.
  • Executive Board members have twelve (12) virtual meetings per year in addition to the full board meetings.
  • Offer at least five (5) hours per week for online meetings, reviews, material development, etc. This includes preparation for BoD meetings, fulfillment of standard BoD duties, and preparation for and participation in Committee meetings for which the BoD Member is the committee lead.
  • Can attend MCC in September (all day conference) and participate in occasional local events as a representative of the Chapter and the Board. This includes Change Ups, professional development events, affiliate events, etc.

Continuing the momentum of the Chapter requires new board members to continue the general direction and priorities set by the previous board, while also providing an opportunity to build on the portfolio approach to how to reach the overarching Chapter goals.

Open Positions for the term commencing June 1, 2020 ending May 31, 2022

For detailed role descriptions, click here.

Treasurer: Do you have a passion for the financial side of the equation? Do you seek to understand the ROI and really want to know how you are tracking to budget or forecast? If so, this is the role for you! The Treasurer, a member of the Executive Board, collaborates with the other board members in creating a budget and then provides regular status to how well the Chapter is tracking to that budget. Excel is your friend and some familiarity with Quickbooks is helpful.

Secretary: The Secretary, a member of the Executive Board, is the backbone of the board. This person facilitates monthly meetings both for the Executive Board and the full Board, is responsible for multiple report filings, including the quarterly reports with global, maintaining Chapter records, and generally keeps the Board operating smoothly.

Director of Membership: This role is critical in attracting, retaining, and engaging our membership. You are the link between membership and the Board, organizing the annual survey, analyzing results and providing the insight to craft priorities in the forthcoming year. This portfolio updates membership data in the Chapter membership directory, liaising with Global as needed. If your friends describe you as a ‘connector’ and you have a passion for building a thriving, local change community, this might be the role for you!

Director of Marketing & Communications: The MarCom Director facilitates communication about Chapter happenings through our seasonal newsletter, the Chapter website, emails, and through social media. You’ll actively seek ways to market ACMP MW externally (to those not already on our contact list) to broaden awareness about the Chapter and its community of Change professionals, champions, and allies. If you are the one that likes to be in the know and spread the news, submit your nomination to be the Director of Marketing & Communications.

Director of Events: If you’ve been an event planner in your past, this might be a great fit. This role not only can innovate and create events that haven’t yet been done, and events already on the calendar. Speaking of the Events calendar, this is your baby. Under your guidance, developing a calendar with right balance of professional development, networking, and training events that engage our membership in both familiar and in new ways throughout the year is core to the success of this role.

Director of Chapter Development: Develop and manage strategic relationships with sponsors, membership, corporations, and peer associations across the Chapter geographic area (WI, IL, IN) with the goal of furthering the purpose and outcomes of the Chapter. Build this program to include monetary and non-monetary partnerships, with the goal of Chapter growth and sustainability front of mind. If you believe strongly in the Mission and Vision of the Chapter and have a knack for bringing people, this may be the role you’ve been looking for.

Complete your nomination here.

Nominations may only be submitted by ACMP members, and only ACMP MW affiliated members may serve on the ACMP MW Board.


ACMP Midwest is a 501(c)(6) organization

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