Amy Herbert
Director of Learning & Professional Development

Amy began her change career by creating sustainable, relevant and meaningful behavioral and organizational change as an internal organizational change manager at Molson Coors Beverage Company.  After several years at Molson, she moved to Accenture where she now is part of the information security human behavior change team.  In both of these roles, Amy is known for bringing enthusiasm to stakeholder meetings and her constant advocation for creating the best end user experience possible.

Amy is a strong advocate of lifelong learning, and this is reflected in the degrees and certifications she holds.  Amy is a proud graduate of Saint Louis University (BA), University of South Carolina (ME.d) and UCLA (College Counseling Certification) and holds both Prosci and Safe Agile certifications.  And while these formal degrees and certifications are hung on her walls and pinned on her LinkedIn, she knows that change moves quick and learning from others in the profession is the most important tool she has.  This belief makes her the ideal Learning and Professional Development Director for the Midwest ACMP chapter. 

In addition to serving ACMP, Amy also serves on the board of her son’s Pop Warner football team and on the board of her daughters’ cheer team.  When not in a work or board meeting, you can find Amy running with her two Vizslas in Arlington Heights. 

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