To better serve ACMP Midwest members and provide the time to iterate and improve, the 2020 Midwest Change Connect Conference will be postponed to 2021. Once available, we will announce the 2021 conference date. In the meantime, be sure to check out past attendee only presentations from 2019 and member-only on-demand webinar recordings.

Upcoming events

    • 06/16/2020
    • 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM (CDT)

    Launching into the New Beginning

    Combating Change Fatigue, Resistance & Cynicism with "Ideal State Mentality"

    We often use the term "New Normal" to describe a temporary state. But what happens when you're creating a "new normal" every day - what impact does that have on you, your team, your organization, and those who choose to follow you? As we change daily, weekly, monthly, especially during a crisis, we can cause Change Fatigue, Resistance and Cynicism, moving too quickly without really solidifying what the current state is supposed to look like, and calling each new change a "new normal." As change professionals, we are looked at to support and facilitate people through change through processes, communications, behaviors, and a slew of other enablers. During this episode, we'll focus on how we can change our vocabulary to "Creating an Ideal State," ensuring that we anchor our people to a New Beginning to provide a sense of control, even if it is for a day. And, we'll answer your burning questions related to this topic! 

    Every third Tuesday of the month hosted by our ACMP Midwest President,  Stephanie Waite. Discover and discuss change trends, provocative change topics and ideas that will leave you thinking differently than when you started the conversation. Join us for a quick 30 minutes to connect, think differently, and chew on something new!

      • 06/23/2020
      • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CDT)

      The ART of Integrating Change Management

      The session focuses on how an integration strategy to build a sustainable change management infrastructure and capability at your company is critical. The participants will learn what is integration, why it's important and how to integrate into and across key processes. Edward Jones will share a framework for integrating change management within key processes such as our enterprise-wide planning process, project management and organizational consulting processes across our company. Embedding change management into core company processes has accelerated our organizational change maturity.

      Learning objectives

      • Knowing why and how integrating change management into key processes and systems accelerates customer outcomes, business results and change maturity.
      • How to integrate change management within key processes such as: strategic planning, project management and organizational consulting. 
      • Practical tips and resources for integration into key processes

      Target audience

      Change Leaders and Practitioners

      Speakers: Angie Huber & Eric Currie

      Angie Huber has been with Edward Jones since 2004. She is a change leader on the Firm Change team with responsibility for Capability Building and Infrastructure for our field leaders and branch teams (approx. 40,000 associates).

      During her tenure at Edward Jones, she has worked in various divisions with numerous roles in Human Resources, Branch Development, Service and Operations, gaining experience and expertise in change management, leadership development, learning & development, coaching and project management.

      Angie is Prosci and CCMP certified in Change Management. Angie holds a master's degree in Professional Counseling from Lindenwood University and is a certified well-being coach. As a change agent, coach, wife and an active parent of three children, she fully integrates the change management core principles and discipline into her daily life.

      Eric Currie has been an associate of Edward Jones for 13 years and has experience in leader and project leader roles across the firm. Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and an associate's degree in Speech Communications.

      As a member of the firm's Change team, his key responsibilities include building the Edward Jones change community, developing and maintaining the change curriculum as well as coaching and training on the Change Management methodology.

      Eric's passion is to help people navigate change with strategies that focus on their individual strengths and mindset. In 2015, he started a grassroots effort to bring the power of Gallup's StrengthsFinder 2.0 and strengths related programs to multiple divisions. To date, hundreds of people have benefited from his curriculum, coaching and training.

      Please contact in case you have any questions.

      • 07/15/2020
      • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CDT)

      Build Cross-Functional Influence

      During organizational change, our ability to effectively influence others is essential. In this one-hour interactive session, Cindy Geier draws on the work of Susan Finerty, author of Master the Matrix and Cross-Functional Influence.

      Cindy will share the seven essentials for navigating in a cross-functional (matrixed) environment and how the Cross-Functional Influence Model is a game changer when working on a project or agile team.

      Learning objectives

      1. Understand the seven essentials for working in a cross-functional (matrixed) environment

      2. Identify strategies to proactively build and maintain your influence when working cross-functionally

      Intended audience

      This webinar is ideal for anyone at the manager/director level, and program/project leaders and process owners.

      Speaker: Cindy Geier

      Cindy Geier is a seasoned facilitator, coach and organizational effectiveness consultant who specializes in working with complex, matrixed organizations. She has over 25 years of experience in human resources and leadership development within multi-national companies in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, and not for profit.

      As founder of CLG Coaching and Consulting, Inc. Cindy partners with leaders and teams to help drive organizational change and team effectiveness. In addition to being a certified Life and Business Coach, Cindy is a certified facilitator in areas including but not limited to: Master the Matrix, Cross-Functional Influence, Speed of Trust, Situational Leadership II, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Change Management, and Executive Presence.

      Please contact in case you have any questions.

      • 08/26/2020
      • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM (CDT)

      Creating Agility in a Time of Dynamic Change

      Continual change in the business environment is the new normal. The pace at which change is occurring is faster than ever before, is more unpredictable, and is coming from all directions. As we are learning from the COVID-19 crisis, the ability to quickly adapt to changes in the environment is no longer a nice to have – it is a must for an organization to survive.

      As change management professionals, our field is pivotal in helping organizations through these rapid and continually changing times. Incorporating agile practices into the organizations we work with can help them successfully ride these waves of change. Organizational Agility provides a foundation for sustained performance as it enables companies to make timely and effective responses to change.

      However, we also need to take into consideration the workers and help them through this tidal wave of change by addressing ‘burnout’ and change fatigue. Practices in this area focused on coping mechanisms and using a positive approach towards change can build long term resilience and thriving.

      Through this session, attendees will gain insight into ways they can help organizations and workers become more agile while maintaining a positive response to change.

      Learning objectives

      1. Understand why we need to help build adaptable organizations. 
      2. Become familiar with the routines of agility that can be blended with your current change management approaches.
      3. Understand practices that can help build resilience and thriving in teams.

      Intended audience

      Change management professionals seeking practices to help clients survive and thrive in a dynamic business environment.

      Speaker: Rachael Narel, PhD

      Rachael has spent over 20 years in the IT and software fields, having experience in virtually every functional area of an organization through both team and leadership roles. Her diverse background includes organization development, change management, strategic planning and process improvement, product management and marketing, new product development, and customer service, sales and support.

      Rachael is an Assistant Professor at Benedictine University where she teaches in the Master of Science of Management and Organization Behavior program and continues to pursue research in the areas of Organizational Agility and Thriving. She also consults in practice at Peters & Associates where she partners with clients and prospects to understand business vision, goals, and challenges, and assists in uncovering business solutions and technology that will help immediately and in the future with a focus on user adoption and change management practices.

      Rachael holds both a PhD in Organization Development and a Master of Science in Management and Organization Behavior from Benedictine University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Biology from Saint Xavier University. She also holds the Certified Information Systems Auditor credentials through ISACA.

      Please contact in case you have any questions.

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