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  • Webinar: Three Agile Tools to Help Managers Stop Worrying and Start Championing the Change

Webinar: Three Agile Tools to Help Managers Stop Worrying and Start Championing the Change

  • 08/27/2019
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Help middle managers champion change! 


This session will introduce change managers to three agile tools that can help middle managers move from the “wait and see” posture to taking a leadership role in championing the changes:

  • Planning and facilitating a hothouse session 
  • Organizing work by customer groups

  • Prioritizing initiatives using weighted, shortest job first (WSJF)

These tools can make the change manager’s job easier since they include built-in planning, tracking and review steps that involve the managers in sharing responsibility for these efforts.


Middle managers tend to have the most to lose if things go sideways, hence

  • They are often the most skeptical about changes 
  • Many will wait to see how the changes play out (“Pilot first!”) before committing their time and energy and putting their next promotion on the line. 
  • Even when there’s pressure to change because of customer needs or staff challenges middle managers will default to the approach that helped them get promoted, and on some level will resist ideas that run contrary.

These approaches are effective change tools because they put managers into a supportive environment alongside their fellow managers where they’re encouraged to focus on the tasks that are important to all of them. In these settings, managers begin to see that there are new dynamics at play and recognize that their default approaches might no longer be the best way to succeed.

Learning/Skills Objectives

  1. How to facilitate a hothouse session that helps everyone grow
  2. Organizing work by customer groups to transcend personal biases
  3. Prioritizing initiatives using weighted, shortest job first (WSJF)

Speaker: Colin Ceperich

Colin Ceperich is a management consultant at CapTech Ventures, where he leads complex change initiatives for large government agencies and Fortune 500 clients. He’s been a recent presenter at ACMP national and regional conferences and been helping clients to implement and attempt to implement transformational change for more than 15 years.

His certifications include: Certified Change Management Professional, Scaled Agile Framework, Project Management Professional, Prosci Change Management, and Change Management Advanced Practitioner.

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