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  • Chew On This #2: Launching into the New Beginning

Chew On This #2: Launching into the New Beginning

  • 06/16/2020
  • 12:00 PM - 12:30 PM


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Launching into the New Beginning

Combating Change Fatigue, Resistance & Cynicism with "Ideal State Mentality"

We often use the term "New Normal" to describe a temporary state. But what happens when you're creating a "new normal" every day - what impact does that have on you, your team, your organization, and those who choose to follow you? As we change daily, weekly, monthly, especially during a crisis, we can cause Change Fatigue, Resistance and Cynicism, moving too quickly without really solidifying what the current state is supposed to look like, and calling each new change a "new normal." As change professionals, we are looked at to support and facilitate people through change through processes, communications, behaviors, and a slew of other enablers. During this episode, we'll focus on how we can change our vocabulary to "Creating an Ideal State," ensuring that we anchor our people to a New Beginning to provide a sense of control, even if it is for a day. And, we'll answer your burning questions related to this topic! 

Every third Tuesday of the month hosted by our ACMP Midwest President,  Stephanie Waite. Discover and discuss change trends, provocative change topics and ideas that will leave you thinking differently than when you started the conversation. Join us for a quick 30 minutes to connect, think differently, and chew on something new!

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