Open Positions and Role Descriptions 

The Role of the ACMP Midwest Chapter Board
The ACMP Midwest Chapter Board of Directors (the ‘Board’) is the local governing authority of the ACMP Midwest Chapter, a certified affiliate of the Association of Change Management Professionals (‘ACMP Global’).

The Midwest Chapter Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Directing, influencing, and monitoring the Chapter’s business.
  • Setting the tone for the Chapter.
  • Developing policy and strategic direction for the Chapter.

The Board has ultimate responsibility for the Chapter’s purpose, identity, continuity, and progress, and is accountable to the membership for the success of the chapter. For purposes of efficiency, the President oversees the day-to-day business of the Chapter.

Governance is the way in which the Board exercises its authority, control, and direction to advance the goals of the Chapter. The Board carries out its governance role by:

  • Developing and monitoring policies, including parameters within which the Chapter will carry out its work.
  • Overseeing portfolios and committees who focus on the interpretation and implementation of policies.

Leadership Structure and Characteristics

  • Maintain a cabinet‐type structure where all Board Directors actively contribute based on their respective experience and skills
  • Serve as advocates for ACMP, the Midwest Chapter, and as applicable for respective portfolios of work
  • Work from clearly defined and communicated roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities
  • Create simple processes and structure to promote a nimble infrastructure
  • Create a culture of trust over bureaucracy
  • Expect a free flow of responsible communication among the Midwest Chapter Board and between the Chapter and ACMP Global representatives
  • Maintain a strong and collaborative partnership with volunteers and committees
  • Be respected and trusted by members; possess a reputation for proactive, inspirational and servant leadership
  • Operate by, and adhere to the ACMP Global Code of Ethics

Abstract: The main responsibility of the Secretary is to ensure all Chapter records are accurately kept and managed in accordance with Chapter By‐laws, policies, and applicable regulations (e.g.: privacy, etc.). In addition, the role ensures that Board meetings follow parliamentary procedure and that other Chapter administrative operations run smoothly and effectively to meet the needs of the Board and membership.

General Responsibilities

  • Manage Chapter administration and operations under the guidance of the President
  • Exercise stewardship for all official Chapter records (By‐laws, policies, motions, plans, correspondence, attendance, etc.); ensures the Board acts in a timely manner for notices or activities required by governance documents, e.g., notices to members, required reviews of By‐laws, summary reports to ACMP Global, etc.)
  • Support the President in the arranging and facilitating of regular and special Board meetings, includes driving and managing agendas and supporting meeting documentation, producing accurate and timely minutes, and managing action items
  • Provide administrative support to the Directors of the Board, and Committee Chairs, as needed
  • Under direction of the Vice-President, manage the details of the annual nominations and elections process as prescribed in the Chapter By‐laws and Election Process
  • Perform other duties as they pertain to the office of the Secretary or assigned by the President.
  • Serve as a Liaison between ACMP Midwest and ACMP Global to ensure connectivity and alignment by reporting appropriate news, updates, etc. to ACMP MW Board as needed. 
  • Actively participate in the ACMP Midwest Chapter Community on ACMP Connect by contributing content monthly (i.e., new posts and/or responses)
  • Oversees the duties of the Volunteer Lead, who administers the volunteer program including coordinating volunteer recruitment, onboarding, offboarding, and recognition, among other duties.

Special Notes

  • The Secretary is an Executive Officer role and voting member of the Board
  • The Secretary fulfills a back‐up role for the Treasurer and Director of Operations as needed
  • May act as or direct/support a Committee Chair
  • Key skills needed to successfully serve in this position include:
    • Previous Board of Directors experience (recommended)o   Understanding of parliamentary procedure
    • Strong organizational skills (skilled in using desktop and collaboration tools to manage information)
    • Communication skills (skilled in record keeping/management and attention to detail in particular)
    • Time management and administrative facilitation skills
    • Ability to demonstrate change management knowledge and experience

Abstract: The main responsibility of the Treasurer is to direct the Chapter’s fiscal policy to ensure the integrity of fiscal management for the Chapter. The Treasurer acts as Controller and leads budget development, oversees custody of Chapter funds and assets, owns required financial reporting, and assures the financial stability and sustainability of the Chapter.

General Responsibilities

  • Oversee fiscal management; establish and maintain an effective accounting system, oversee accounts payable and dues receivable (or other means of revenue) processes, ensure that financial policies are in place, are current, and are adhered to by ACMP Midwest Chapter Board or Directors and other volunteers
  • Contribute to Board strategic planning/execution by providing support to Directors/portfolio owners in developing plans and reviewing the aggregate plan annually for budgetary needs and financial implications; prepare, obtain approval, and oversee the consolidated budget
  • Prepare and/or review monthly financial statement of income and expenditures, reconcile bank statements, and scrutinize disbursements; maintain records for budgeted and actual amounts
  • Publish the year‐end financial report at the close of the fiscal year, create periodic progress reports (including that required for the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and regular status as required by Chapter operational protocols
  • Manage financial operations, including maintain bank account in the name of the organization; support auditing requirements for information; submit all reports/forms to meet government, business, or ACMP Global requirements to keep the Chapter in good standing among governing bodies (IRS, IL SOS, IL Dept. of Revenue, etc.)
  • Negotiate and maintain contracts and agreements in accordance with By‐laws, policies, etc. (e.g.: insurances, sponsorship commitments, member affinity programs)
  • Actively participate in the ACMP Midwest Chapter Community on ACMP Connect by contributing content monthly (i.e., new posts and/or responses)
  • Perform other duties as they pertain to the Office of the Treasurer

Special Notes

  • The Treasurer is an Executive Officer role and voting member of the Board
  • May act as or direct/support a Committee Chair
  • The Treasurer fulfills a back‐up role for the Secretary as needed
  • Key skills needed to successfully serve in this position include:
    • Previous Board of Directors experience (recommended)
    • Accounting and fiscal management skills (including budgeting and forecasting)
    • Organizational and communication skills (keen attention to detail)
    • Fiscal responsibility
    • Negotiation and contract management skills
    • Collaboration and lateral thinking skills
    • Relationship management skills (e.g.: partners, sponsors, vendors, governing bodies)
    • Ability to demonstrate change management knowledge and experience


Director of Membership

Abstract: This role provides leadership in Chapter Member Relations in accordance with the needs and goals of the Chapter and in fulfillment of its mission. The main responsibility of the Director of Membership is to direct the Chapter’s membership policy and related activities to ensure the Chapter remains relevant within the professional community it serves.

General Responsibilities

  • Lead and manage the Chapter Membership portfolio
  • Contribute to Board strategic planning/execution by providing an annual Membership Portfolio Plan (i.e.: approach, goals, metrics, timing, resources), periodic progress reports (including that required for the Annual Membership Meeting and regular status as required by Chapter operational protocols
  • Manage, train, delegate, and share information with portfolio committee volunteers to ensure a quality volunteer experience, smooth portfolio operation, and succession planning
  • Liaise with current and prospective membership to ensure recruitment, retention, and recovery initiatives are carried out effectively (through tracking of activities, correspondence/template notices, direct interaction, feedback loops, etc.)
  • Manage membership information, producing reports (trends, issues, recommendations, etc.), and disseminating data/lists for use in Chapter business with due regard for privacy and coordinating with ACMP Global as needed
  • Manage Membership data within membership management solution including pulling source information, updating Chapter system, validating accuracy, and collaborating with ACMP global as necessary to ensure integrity of data.
  • Coordinate the annual survey to ensure that portfolio planning information needs are met and that an assessment of the Chapter’s perceived value/member needs analysis can be completed and shared during the Annual Membership Meeting
  • Compile content for annual membership report and collaborate with marketing to ensure release by May 1
  • Actively participate in the ACMP Midwest Chapter Community on ACMP Connect by contributing content monthly (i.e., new posts and/or responses, posts regarding membership events, etc.)
  • Perform other duties as assigned from time to time to serve Chapter members and further the work of the Board

Special Notes

  • The Director of Membership is a voting member of the Board
  • The Director of Membership fulfills a back‐up role for the Director of Communications/Marketing as needed
  •  May act as or direct/support a Committee Chair
  • Key skills needed to successfully serve in this position include:
    • Prior Chapter volunteer experience
    • Leadership and delegation skills
    • Relationship management skills
    • Organizational, facilitation, and communication skills
    • Data management skills (attention to detail and metadata development)
    • Actively engage with members to recruit, retain and improve the member experience in membership development
    • Ability to demonstrate change management knowledge and experience

Applications may only be submitted by ACMP members, and only ACMP Midwest Chapter primary affiliated members may serve on the ACMP Midwest Chapter Board.

Key Dates:
April 3, 2024Call for BOD candidate Opens
April 19, 2024
Call for BOD candidates Closes

April 22-26, 2024: 
Elections are held
April 29- May 3, 2024: 
Candidates are notified of election results
May 6-31 2024:  Transitions
June 1, 2024 Term begins!

Note: The Call for BOD candidates opens April 3, 2024 and closes on April 19, 2024

Deadline extended to Friday, 4/26 for Secretary and Treasurer roles!

  Apply Now! 

    Standards of Performance for Board Directors

    Directors are expected to carry out their duties in an ethical and professional manner, including proper use of authority. Meeting appropriate performance standards makes it possible to do the work of the Board in an efficient and effective way. Performance standards expected for the Board Directors include:

    • Committing fully to their Board role, making every attempt to fulfill the responsibilities of the role and demonstrating loyalty to the Chapter and its membership, as well as ACMP Global
    • Dealing with the public, members, volunteers, and each other in a fair, ethical, and straight‐forward manner.
    • Fostering collegial, positive working relationships among the Board, committee chairs, volunteers, and partners
    • Being prepared for, and actively participating in meetings or taking steps to enable momentum in absence
    • Maintaining confidentiality of Board business
    • Developing appropriate records as required by each Board role
    • Completing an efficient and effective transition to role successors.
    • Serving as an ambassador for the Chapter, maintaining a positive perception of the Chapter in dealings with the public whether in‐person or on‐line
    • Understanding of Chapter Policies and By‐laws and demonstrating behaviors in alignment with their intent

    Board Commitment

    Board positions require a 2‐year commitment aligning with the fiscal calendar of June 1-May 31.

    Board positions typically require a minimum commitment of five (5) hours per week which includes Board meetings held in locations within the Midwest Area or virtually through MS Teams. Other ongoing activities include working with respective committees, meetings with other board members, preparing for board meetings, attending Chapter events, reading and responding to emails/other intra-board communications, and developing and executing portfolio strategies.

    The Board meets four to five times annually for half-day quarterly reviews and strategic planning workshops. Full Board participation is required for these sessions.

    Board Directors also attend regular member meetings (e.g., the Annual General Meeting), quarterly ACMP Leadership Network calls, and other occasional events as required for presentations, public relations, networking with membership, etc.

    Finally, the Midwest Chapter holds an annual conference that requires in-person, full day attendance by all board members. The conference date is communicated 12 months in advance of the date.

    ACMP Midwest is a 501(c)(6) organization

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